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Ghost-Dust started out musical life very early.

Starting lessons in Piano as a baby and guitar at the age of 8. 
Ghost Dust started writing music when she was just 8 on her father’s PC, using the old Cubase5.
Her musical father taught her everything she needed to know. 
She found herself experimenting with sound from a very early age, and revolted against run of the mill pop music.
As an adult, Ghost has produced within the music and film industry, freelancing within feature films with Seven Spice Productions and various public commissions ranging from ballet dancers to within the education system.
Ghost Dust is also part of a duo – The Ghost and Me, incorporating her weird glitchiness into a more cute minimal alternative pop style. She is also known under Dust for her modern art experimental compositions. 
Ghost loves to combine complete opposites of light and dark and combines ambient music with glitch and dark down-tempo alternative music, which resides in all her aliases.


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